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“This system has been a game changer for our franchise operations central office communications. The team is incredible and responsive. They are consistently improving and adding additional features to streamline our workflows in gmail. Highly recommend!”

💬 Kassia Whittaker on Chrome Store

“This app is amazing. There is nothing else like it on the market. It simplifies your email AND allows teams to work together in Dynamic ways.”

💬 Brett Puterbaugh on Chrome Store

“Drag is one of the most accessible programs I have ever used. It took little to no time to pick it up and start using it. It is visually driven enough for easy glancing over and complex enough to provide the tools needed.”

💬 Grace H. on G2

“Our team has had Drag for a month now and we’re absolutely loving it. It has made organising our workflows, communicating quickly about emails and collaborating on tasks so much easier.”

💬 Caitlin Richards on Chrome Store

“The most helpful thing about Drag is being able to do everything in one place. Especially assigning things to people and being able to forward things much faster.”

💬 Joshua S. on G2

“Amazingly organization, simple to use, intuitive design. Just overall an awesome product.”

💬 Tevin G. on G2

“Prior to using Drag, our team used other platforms. Drag was a much more straightforward approach to platforms of this type. Drag is a great plugin to use with the organization of tasks when working with other team members.”

💬 Kunj Patel on Chrome Store

“We discovered Drag on a hunt to solve the forever problem of shared inboxes as well as how to consolidate the incoming messages. I now can check almost 10 inboxes in one single interface and that’s seriously priceless. Recommended 11/10.”

💬 Jean F. Quéralt on Chrome Store

“The collaboration tools – everything from notes, attachments, tagging, kanban views, and more make working in a shared space with teams a breeze. It turned our email account into a “dashboard” of sorts which allowed people to very quickly and efficiently monitor the status of emails and prioritize.”

💬 Cody M. on G2

“I like the ability to organize a response workflow to guest/customer emails and ensure positive interactions. The ability to embed templates for all team members to utilize rather than drafting from scratch or sending inconsistent responses is great and will optimize our response time.”

💬 Jessica R. on G2

“The ability to leave comments and tag other uses in received emails has improved interdepartmental communication and allowed us to have a consistent voice in troubleshooting concerns. If anyone is looking for an upgrade to their g-suite Drag will likely take your customer service to the next level supporting your staff and appeasing your guests.”

💬 Joseph H. on G2

“Drag is a game changer for my mailbox and team management. The customer service has been incredibly helpful in answering any questions, and my team is excited to be able to use the product! As both a medical clinic and a startup founder, these are the exact tools I need to be more productive and save hours in my day!”

💬 Jessica R. on G2

“As a Programs Director, I live out of my inbox. We’re not a large enough org to warrant a complete stand-alone CRM solution; having the features of a CRM integrated into Gmail with Drag App is fantastic. Being able to group client emails onto a single card and track it through our programming process from initial contact to the completed event has dramatically sped up my workflow and ensured I do not miss or forget a client stuck on a specific step.”

💬 Lise B. on G2

“Being able to work efficiently with multiple team members in a Gmail shared inbox using its collaborative features like assignments, tasks, chats, notes, and internal discussions are very helpful. The Kanban board offers a visual way to speed up task workflow by dragging to different columns.”

💬 Non-profit Organization user on G2

“This platform helps streamline so many different tasks for our small office. Previously we had multiple platforms to complete different assignments, which was time consuming for small tasks. The video tutorials are helpful and I’m excited to learn more about Drag!”

💬 Kat Kocisky on Chrome Store

“It’s basically the holy grail for efficiently managing multiple inboxes.”

💬 Matthew M. on G2

“Makes Multiple Process Emails a Breeze!”

💬 Tom F. on G2

“We have used Trello and Sortd and believe that Drag has all the great elements of these tools, plus much more!”

💬 Deidre B. on G2

“We receive many emails in our inbox – this is great tool as other employees on our team can now help with responses to customers. The Drag app is awesome!”

💬 Richi Williams on Chrome Store

“Drag App really helps with our order processing workflow fulfillment. I especially love the reminders and Kanban board look. Easy and efficient!”

💬 David Williams on Chrome Store

“I love how easy Drag is to use; it’s user-friendly and immeasurably improves my productivity. I am able to deal with customer queries far quicker – everybody wins with this! Highly recommend.”

💬 Hope A. on G2

“I like the ease of use. My team uses it for help requests and as a platform to handle incoming requests to join our site. It has made the organization of incoming requests easier to handle and put it all in one unified space so everyone has access to work on requests.”

💬 Joseph S. on G2

“We were looking for a project management tool that didn’t rely on a third party platform outside of Gsuite. Drag is the answer. Our team can now not only work in our existing accounts but do more with our inboxes than we could before Drag. The Kanban feature has also increased our capacity.”

💬 Daine Bean on Chrome Store

“I love Drag app! It helps with sharing all the load of incoming e-mails every day, and helps share information among multiple people. They can even see my drafts and any incoming responses. We can chat among ourselves. It’s frankly indispensable at this point!”

💬 Erik Diep on Chrome Store

“I’m very happy with this app! I’ve been using the Drag App for a few weeks now and I have to say I’m very impressed with the way it helps to organize our team’s emails. It’s a great tool to keep track of tasks and our team is now more efficient with the Kanban feature. Project management, customer support, help desk… these are my main use cases, and I have not been disappointed. No more context shifting by going into other apps needlessly, I can stay right in my Gmail and get a lot of work done!”

💬 Joachim Smith on Chrome Store

“Working within a small, tight-knit organisation with a varety of complex, time-consuming projects, the quick and accurate categorisation of emails is crucial to our work. DragApp allows us to effectively streamline our workload by organising our emails visually, saving time and effort for our whole organisation. It is a vital application for anyone seeking to maximise their productivity.”

💬 Quinn Clark on Chrome Store

“The “reply as” feature is a huge time saver if you manage several inboxes and typically find yourself logging into and out of your accounts constantly. The Internal chat in each card really prevents miscommunication and is also nice for efficiency’s sake; you don’t have to leave your board and can really quickly work through your messages.”

💬 Matthew M. on G2

“Great customer support! I would recommend this to anyone needing a team email solution.”

💬 John G. on G2

“If you live out of your google inbox, and are tired of using multiple apps – Drag is for you.”

💬 Vanessa C. on G2

“Great product with amazing support. I’ve recommended it to many people.”

💬 Mark Richards on Product Hunt

“Makes Multiple Process Emails a Breeze!”

💬 Tom F on G2

“Drag has completely changed the way our design team collaborates on projects.”

💬 Lee T. on G2

“Sanity back to Email.”

💬 Mike M. on G2

“Their customer service is fantastic – before using this I got on a video call with multiple members of their team to walk me through the installation process. This is exceptional customer service, and for that I consider myself loyal to their team and their software. This product is brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.”

💬 Cyrus Khambatta on Product Hunt

“With so many tasks that are segmented or incremental within our company, this is perfect for looking at what we do from a high level and know exactly what needs to be done next!”

💬 Ben F. on Capterra

“I totally recommend this extension. Amazing design and easy to adapt. Made my daily work much more easy. If you handle a big team, several projects, or lots of clients…this tool will help and save you lot of time.”

💬 Lady Morales on Product Hunt

“You’re speaking to me, @lovedragapp: Workers end up with endless tabs in their browsers, needing to navigate back + forth across a number of tools that don’t connect to each other.

💬 Brooks B. Wallace on Twitter

“Best organizational tool I’ve seen. Combining email, notes, chat, tasks, notification, group share and more is genius. I think this will be the future of communication for individuals and businesses.”

💬 Chad Geiken B. on Product Hunt

“Drag is the one Gmail application that saves us from using a bunch of external tools. Our team manages tasks, todos, notes, Trello style lists just inside Gmail.”

💬 Christoph Fried on Product Hunt

“The best thing, really, is the Drag team. They are very eager to help and are patient during the testing process. Appreciate your help guys!!”

💬 Darryl Boyd on Product Hunt

“Just discovered @lovedragapp and am loving it as a Chrome extension for external Gmail accounts. Kanban style columns +++ small tasks!”

💬 Jessica D’Amico on Twitter

“I have been using Drag since 2018, it continually gets better and better.”

💬 Lucas Hayes on Product Hunt

“What a great solution!”

💬 Tony L. on G2

“Absolutely brilliant for our Gmail inbox.”

💬 Sean K. on G2

“Drag is better than working in Trello and Slack without leaving Gmail.”

💬 Carlos R. on G2

“For organizations that are very email-driven using Gmail / GSuite, Drag is a great tool. I’m using Drag to organize all my tasks driven by emails from internal and external people. I’ve also found customer support to be incredibly accessible!”

💬 Dan N. on G2

“Without Drag we were unable to see what needed actioning in our shared inboxes. This has made sure we can keep on top of everything and that nothing gets missed. Brilliant!”

💬 Nicky E. on G2

“The best application for the business. The shared inbox and the ticketing system of the software enable the features to chat internally and also solve the issues with the best ease and increase the team productivity.”

💬 Kamal S. on G2

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