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Waste Logics


11-50 employees

United Kingdom

Holly Jenkins
COO @ Waste Logics

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The context

Based in England, Waste Logics is an online waste management software solution that makes it easier to meet the day-to-day operational needs of waste management businesses. It is trusted by skip hire and trade waste companies, waste transfer stations, material recycling facilities, and scrap metal processors.

The Customer Success and Onboarding Team at Waste Logics are composed of 10 individuals who are from various waste management backgrounds. The team all work remotely, so transparency is key.

It’s critical for the Waste Logics team to deliver quick and outstanding results to its clients, whether that be through daily support queries or for Onboarding clients. It is vital as this has a direct impact on their clients’ businesses and the services they provide. Changing software is also known to be a very stressful time, so it is important for their transition to be as smooth as possible during Onboarding.

The Waste Logics’ team communication with clients during Onboarding relies primarily on email, through Gmail.

The challenge

Before Drag, the Customer Success team at Waste Logics was managing their communication with clients via individual email accounts. However, this setup had several challenges:

First, it wasn’t very easy to collaborate when the team required help from a fellow colleague, without forwarding email trails, etc.

Second, transparency and real-time updates were lacking. For example, when a member of the team was on Annual Leave or off sick, it wasn’t as simple as it should be to ensure the client still received the same levels of service. The team member stepping in to assist with the Onboarding process wasn’t as clued up on the progress so far.

This was resulting in delays for email replies and a lack of real-time updates on data for the Management team.

Chief Operating Officer, Holly Jenkins, then started to look for solutions to provide transparency and collaboration across the Onboarding process. With a remote working team, this was vital.

She has considered/tried applications like Trello and Zendesk previously. However, they didn’t offer enough collaboration, transparency, and ease of use. They then realized that they needed a solution that wasn’t a completely new application (that would come with lots of learning) and that integrated with a product they already knew and loved.

Drag has empowered our team to collaborate on projects across the Onboarding process, resulting in increased Sign Up to Go Live times and very happy clients.

Holly Jenkins
Chief Operating Officer @ Waste Logics

The use case

Today, the Waste Logics team manages their personal to-do lists, team projects, Accounts, and Onboarding directly from Gmail with Drag.

They have primarily set up two shared inboxes, used on two boards, for the relevant team members within them. These boards use tags, automations, and templates. With this, they can work in a consistent way across different teams and different workflows.

For example, the team can easily see if an email is for them to personally action due to the clever and simple automations that add the relevant assignee and tag. This means that all team members don’t need to unnecessarily read every single email that is received.

Since implementing Drag, the Customer Success team at Waste Logics has achieved quicker response times, faster onboarding to go live timeframes and increased transparency for the Management team.

The solution

Holly came across Drag while researching Gmail integrations that could assist and decided to give it a try. Today, the team has been able to use their shared inbox, in the form of a Drag board, to smoothly move clients through the Onboarding process, with the use of to-do / in-progress columns.

They are now able to collaborate on emails and assist each other with client requests. They also have the ability to create and use personal Drag boards to allow all team members a place to record their to-do list and keep on top of tasks, using smart technology.

“What we like the most about Drag is the ability to see at a glance where a client is during their Onboarding process, through the use of columns, tasks, and tags. It has been crucial for us because Waste Logics is a growing business and this transparency allows us to work faster and smarter, offering even quicker Onboarding timeframes to our clients, said Holly Jenkins, COO. “We also love being able to work together on these projects through the use of the chat function and the ability to draft emails together”.

Drag has made us more efficient by allowing us to monitor all emails and pick up emails for colleagues who are out of office, thus helping to improve our overall service and response time.

Sabrina Naseem
Customer Success Team @ Waste Logics

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